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Three Blue Ducks or as the yummy mummies around Bronte call it, Three Great F&%$s! Why? Because three professionally trained (young & good-looking) chefs, a couple of whom have Tetsuya on their resume, decided to open up their dream cafe in Bronte beach. After travelling the world together they decided surfing and being the object of women’s desires was more of a priority than feeding high-brow types over white linen. The result? Casual coffee and excellent eggs whilst breathing in the sea air.

The cafe won’t be hard to find along Bronte’s MacPherson Street shops, the place is constantly swarmed with people trying to snag a seat. So much so that the barista next door decide he join forces with the ducks to create extra space. And what a space it is! It has a rustic, DIY feel with street style art adorning the walls and mis-matching furniture creating an unpretentious place for the pretentious pigs that come here.

After hearing, reading and seeing the hype around Three Blue Ducks my expectations were high to say the least. Things were off to a great start when we got seated straight away and served perfectly brewed coffee, so I was getting even more excited about the food. The menu is small and intriguing. After a few mojitos the night before I needed something big and bad for me. The eggs benedict with wilted spinach and smoked trout had caught my eye but the thought of fish was unpalatable at that point so I asked for it to be substituted with bacon.

Apparently my order translated into poached eggs, bacon, roasted tomato and a side of basil with no hollandaise and a substantial serving of attitude on the side. The waitress was rude and unapologetic. Perhaps she just needs a good duck? That aside the meal was still tasty, as was the bacon and egg roll.

The Bitter: Staff that seem unwilling to serve you
The Sweet: Perfectly poached eggs and great art work
The Damage: Standard breakfast – meal and coffee will cost $25 per pig.

Oink Oink,

Truffle Pig.

Three Blue Ducks – 143 MacPherson Street, Bronte Beach –

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Bean on Dean is a small little sanctuary and an ideal place to enjoy a perfectly brewed coffee and light bites in Brisbane’s western suburb of Toowong – an inner city area starved of decent places to enjoy a morning pick-me-up and a good quality meal. Bean on Dean has undoubtedly brought this dire little strip of shops to life and the pigs of Toowong (including myself) have welcomed Bean on Dean with open, caffeine-deprived arms.

Bean on Dean is the brain child of a mother and daughter team (Ashley and Tracy) who are as passionate about their coffee as they are about their art. The team here are as relaxed as the atmosphere… you’re welcome to stay for a coffee, a snack, a meal or you can just enjoy a sunny saturday with your dog by your side. Unlike many of Brisbane’s busy breakfast haunts, you won’t be shuffled away to make room for the next impatient piggy patron while you’ve barely swallowed the last spoon full of your scrambled eggs. They have done a brilliant job of accommodating all of Toowongs demographics – the ladies who catch up over cappuccino, the young professionals on-the-go and the hungover uni students looking for a filling feed.

Meals here are basic but brilliant and can be found on the “Lite Bites” menu. I have tried a few items, all of which hit the spot! Firstly I had the most popular item, the ‘Kerfuffle” which is sourdough topped with avocado, Danish feta, rocket, olive oil and balsamic on the side to taste, a combination done widely and not always done well, but they nailed it. On my second visit I went for another one of their gourmet toppings on toast –  sourdough piled with soft cheese, cured meat and rocket with beetroot relish on the side…. if you serve a slice of pig well, you have a loyal customer in me, hence why I keep coming back.

Despite being the perfect place to relax on a lazy morning, Bean on Dean pride and label themselves as an expresso bar, and they have an impressive bright green coffee machine to match the title. Although I am no expert in this department, I know a good coffee when I taste one, and I know they are great when I order 2, which I did. So if you are the i-don’t-have-time-to-dine-out type like many of their customers, you can grab a toastie or muffin to go to accompany your campos coffee in the mornings. Convenience, quirky and a can’t go wrong option.

The bitter: Not open on Sundays, probably when I need a coffee and breakfast close to home the most!

The sweet:  Quick, easy, friendly cheap and deeeeeelicious!

The damage: You can get a perfect coffee, a tasty meal and an art exhibition for under $20

Oink oink,

Truffle Pig.

45 Dean street Toowong, QLD 4066 – (07) 3870 5445

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