Truffle Pigs are known for their ability to hunt using their super sensitive snout to find treasured truffles, a rare and much loved delicacy.

Ruthless, rotund and relentless – truffle pigs will spend their lives rummaging around on the search for food to share with the world.

I am just your average truffle pig on the quest to find good food – be it at home, out, fine dining or late night lamb sandwiches (3am kebabs)… I will try it all and I will eat it all (with the exception of sausages).

I love to hunt at home (currently Brisbane) but my sense of smell leads me across the seas and states as often as possible to taste and experience the wonders of the world.

Any suggestions, comments, recipes, recommendations or fun facts are welcome in my pig pen. Follow me on twitter @TrufflePigTales or email me on

Oink Oink,
Truffle Pig

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