Hi, I am Truffle Pig and I have been sober for 14 days….

Surprisingly I live to tell the tale of the past two weeks where I have not eaten any carbs (well, no pasta, bread or rice) or a single drop of alcohol. Who would have thought I could do it?…. certainly not me.

Before embarking on this stage of the Porkless Pig journey I was told that completing this stage successfully would require a lot of planning and preparation. So this little piggy headed off to the markets and bought a big box of carb-free goodness jam-packed with fruit, veges and meat. I had a whole week’s menu planned and plenty of fruit so I could avoid carb-loaded snacks when grazing through my fridge and as a result I am having a love affair with strawberries.

It has been testing at times but I find myself filling the carb void in my stomach with salads, salads and more salads. For the first week I thought I was always hungry, but then realised that the foreign sensation I was feeling was  actually satisfaction. I am so used to my usual piggy state of being completely stuffed with really tight pants….. I must say after the initial shock it is actually a good feeling!

Alcohol on the other hand has been a struggle, not because I having alcoholic type withdrawals but I feel completely over the hill going to bed at 10pm on a Saturday night. But, although my weeks haven’t been brimming with excitement, they have allowed me to generate a LOT of enthusiasm, and money for my next night time adventure….

So, the results of this stage so far:

Mind: It feels functional, I can’t guarantee productive but much better than when I was without meat!

Body: I have lost 2.5kg without carbs (I am sure no booze has also contributed) but I have a feeling I might gain double what  I have lost when I get back on the carb band wagon.

Bank: Home cooking has helped but I think the no cabs, credit cards over the bar and cocktail has been the main cause of my piggy bank feeling a lot fuller.

Oink oink,

Truffle Pig.