FINALLY! The first installment of what is proving to be a far bigger challenge than expected, has come to an end. 3 weeks without meat and chips was torturing and full of punishment. After some obligatory and accidental meals including meat – a chicken gyoza, chicken pie at a friends lunch and a bit of mince on some chilli fries (I swear I thought they were just beans!) – I had to subject myself to an additional 3 days on top of the 3 weeks. Days now feel like weeks while I deprive myself of the things I love.

The end of no meat phase was appropriately celebrated with a steak in a pub, bacon at breakfast and a lamb shoulder for lunch – I could feel the blood pumping through my veins again and promised my iron deprived limbs that I would never do this again!

You’d think I would be rejoicing in my last few days but after realising how hard cold turkey can be when it comes to things I love to eat, I started to get nervous over the thought of no carbs or alcohol…. eating fish and tofu wasn’t looking too bad in comparison.

I eat carbs at almost every meal, it is cheap, easy and often the most convenient food group, not to mention the most effective way to feel full. Although this challenge is only restricting me from pasta, rice and bread, I can’t remember a day where I didn’t have at least one of those, if not all of them. But I am ready to become friends with salad and finding some suitable substitutes, whatever they may be.

As for the booze…. I woke up on day one of Stage 2 feeling completely happy with this decision while nursing a sizable cider induced headache. I only indulge in a mid-week glass of wine here and there, and I am feeling confident about the first weekend of sobriety being a breeze but I have a sneaking suspicious weeks 2 and 3 might have me climbing up the walls. There is only so many Saturday night Sex and the City marathons you can enjoy in succession but I know my liver (well, whats left of it) and my wallet will be appreciative at the end of it…… if I get there.

The plus side of this is that without a hangover perhaps I won’t have those crazy carb craving frenzies that seem unstoppable after a night out. Perhaps I will be more popular among my friends now they don’t need to hear my theories on evolution after a few wines and they can reap the benefits of having me as a designated drive. Or, perhaps I will lose all my friends after hibernating to steer clear from temptation. I guess time will tell………….

Oink Oink,

Truffle Pig