On my berry merry Monday I cooked a huge, delicious chicken vietnamese salad fit to feed a herd of pigs. There was so much of it I had it on Tuesday night too, but tonight I was in need of a fresh idea….. or a deep fried one.

The packet of rice paper sitting in my pig-pantry gave me the inspiration to try and whip together some saucy spring rolls. I have never delved into the glutenous piggy habit of frying my food but I love a new truffle challenge…..

Not following any specific instructions I chopped everything up into teeny tiny pieces, rolled it in rice paper, threw it into an oil filled pan and served them with spicy dipping sauce. Sounds simple, and it was!… apart from the piping hot oil spitting up into my snout, the poorly wrapped rolls bursting at the seams and filling up my pig pen with smoke.

Tick of approval for flavour but more work needs to be done on presentation before I open up a Harajuku Spring Roll….

Oink Oink,
Truffle Pig