If only my weekends were as wholesome as my bread rolls…… Mondays are always a desperate attempt to erase the eggs benedicts, burritos, KFC chips with extra salt and endless apple ciders consumed over the weekend.

Dragging my crackling covered body back to the office looking like a strung ham in my suit, I know it’s time to put down the bacon and pick up a banana.

As you can see today is full of fresh, flavoursome and fat-free goodness, the first step of a downward spiral towards a Saturday night smorgasbord of sinfully scrumptious salty snacks. I like to think that this vicious but delicious cycle is all part of a well rounded lifestyle.

Oink Oink,
Truffle Pig.

P.S All colourful ingredients in the photos were purchased from my fruit fanatic friends at Fruity Capers.