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I usually avoid suburban shopping centres like the swine flu, especially on pension days. But at the bottom of the blue rainbow (Toowong Village) is a pot of gold – Fruity Capers!

The minute you trot into the deli you are surrounded by deliciousness, there is salami hanging from the roof, crackers filling the walls and pasta hugging your feet. The plethora of cured meats, stuffed olives and gourmet cheeses flirt with you from inside the cabinet and I am happy to flirt back – this place gets my hooves hopping.

There is plenty of pre-made feasts for those lazy pigs out there, but for us wanna-be chefs there is everything you need in the deli and fruit market to whip up a masterpiece, hopefully…. time will tell…. watch this space.

The bitter: It is in Toowong Village, or what I like to call the retirement village.
The sweet: The fruit is sweet but I’d be a traitor to my breed if I didn’t say HAM!
The damage: $25 for a weeks worth of fruit and vege for one plump piggy.

Oink Oink,
Truffle Pig

Fruity Capers – Toowong Village – Sherwood Rd, Toowong, QLD 4066.